Nightcap Hotels Supports The White Caravan Foundation To Tackle Women’s Homelessness

Nightcap Hotels has ushered its support behind The White Caravan Foundation, a charity created to highlight and prevent the growing homeless epidemic affecting women and children across Australia. 

After learning women were more likely to be at risk of homelessness due to a number of external factors including; financial disadvantage, rising house prices, casual and lower-paying employment and abuse, single mother Juliet Potter sought to help with this community issue. 

With familiarity to the challenges women can face following a separation, Potter used her recently purchased second-hand caravan to offer transitional housing for women and children in the local community. The positive community response inspired Potter to found The White Caravan Foundation, seeking to raise awareness of women and children homelessness and prevent its occurrence through a range of support services. 

The White Caravan Foundation believes through education financial literacy and highlighting local existing services, they will succeed in preventing homelessness and helping women and children with both short and long term housing solutions.

“Women are the new face of homelessness, and quite frankly, Australian women deserve more. This crisis is a first in many ways - only a few decades ago, women didn’t leave their relationships. Now, with domestic violence and financial abuse at the fore; after spending time out of the workforce raising children, being paid less and having little to no superannuation or savings; and for many, after suffering a costly divorce, women are left in a difficult position,” says Potter.

For more information, please go to @WhiteCaravanAccom #WhiteCaravan

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