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The Sites Edit

Tasmania may look small, but there are a plethora of sites and attractions scattered throughout the state. It’s hard to narrow it down (there’s so much to do and see!), but we’ve pulled together an organised outline of the “can’t miss” spots in our 4 favourite areas around TAS.

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The Wine Edit

Rolling vineyards, peaceful rivers and clear blue skies. Just another fine winter’s day in Tassie. You can grab a glass of delicious Tasmanian wine at the pub in the evening, but why not seize the sunshine and go straight to the source for a day in the vines? Check out...

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The Food Edit

At the end of a big day, there’s nothing more rewarding than tucking into a good, hearty feed. Whether you’re after great steak, fresh fish n chips or a classic parma, we know a pub for you.

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Our 5 Favourite Cuts of Steak and Where to Get Them

You know what he loves: hearty and delicious food, the perfect drink to match and the company of his favourite child(ren). If you’re not familiar with Graziers steaks, let us acquaint you:  high quality grain fed Australian beef sourced from premium grazing areas, making every piece tender, juicy and succulent.

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Our top 10 winter holiday destinations

Short days, cold nights and cups of tea on the couch. Sounds delightful, but it gets old after a while! Get a little pep in your step with a getaway to one of our top 10 winter destinations in Australia.

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Every Single Nightcap Hotel with a Kids Play Area

Looking for quality accommodation that’s fun for the whole family? We’ve got just the thing! Here’s a list of all Nightcap Hotels that have kids play areas, perfect for the little ones to entertain themselves while you enjoy your time away from home.

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10 of our favourite playgrounds to visit for a family-friendly getaway these school holidays

School Holidays are upon us, which means it’s time to step away from the daily grind and enjoy quality time with family. Travelling with children can get a little tricky at times, especially when you’re looking for somewhere that is entertaining for both kids and adults.

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Nightcap 3rd Birthday

It all started in 2015 when we decided to renovate over 1700 accommodation rooms across 85 locations throughout Australia. We wanted to offer good quality accommodation at a reasonable price. Our hotels already operated extensive restaurants, bars...

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From mountains to seaside: Travel Local in Victoria

Victoria is home to some of Australia’s most diverse landscapes. From vast mountain ranges filled with lush greenery and sky scraper trees as far as the eye can see, to sweeping coastlines lined with pristine beaches playing host to families spending their weekends jumping into waves.

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Wine, Wildlife & Wilderness

When venturing east of the city, be sure to check out the Yarra Valley, staying amongst 4.5 hectares of natural bushland at Nightcap at York on Lilydale. You’ll be surrounded by the sounds of bellbirds, lush gardens, an on-site swimming pool and friendly staff to welcome you.

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