Explore Around Geraldton

Explore Around Geraldton

What to Explore Around Geraldton

Welcome to Bluff Point. When following The Local Trail in WA, you would have seen the sights of the sea on the drive from Perth and you will be well and truly acquainted with the roads of Western Australia. With a quick detour through the Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park, you’ll feel a deeper connection to the land.

Coastal Drive

Pinnacles Desert, Cervantes WA

It would be remiss of us not to mention the Leaning Tree. It is a national landmark and yes, it is exactly what it sounds like, a tree… that is leaning. It’s a perfect stopover for the long drive from Perth, and an excellent photo opportunity, trust us.


After a few hours in the car soaking up the smell of the ocean air, the Wintersun Hotel will be a welcomed sight. Put your feet up and relax; you’ll have access to delicious food in the Bistro and a refreshing brew in our Sports Bar. Once you’ve topped up your energy, you’ll be set to explore the best of the northern points of Western Australia.

You’ll have St Georges Beach around the corner and Spalding Park down the road, perfect for a quick visit or a casual stroll. Visit nearby Geraldton and you’ll have a platform full of activity, everything from kiteboarding and windsurfing to swimming and fishing.

A Pink Lake!

Hutt Lagoon, Yallabatharra WA

Take the one hour drive north along the coastline and you’ll find a Pink Lake, otherwise known as Hutt Lagoon. It is a body of water famous for its pink hue created by a presence of carotenoid producing algae Dunaliella salina (don’t worry, we don’t really understand it either). Take a stroll alongside it and marvel at the colour; it’s a view unlike any other.

Historical Landmarks

In the way of landmarks, you’ll have your work cut out for you. Visit the HMAS Sydney II Memorial, The Point Moore Lighthouse and The Esplanade. Each site is located in the greater Geraldton area and is easily accessible from the Wintersun Hotel.

Top it off with Nightcap!

Speaking of, wrap up your day and the trip back in Bluff Point. Quench your thirst with a beer or cider from the range on tap, or take a look at the wine list. Dine in the Bistro, and have your choice of something delicious to eat. Watch the sun go down while spending time in the beer garden toasting a glass to a fantastic four nights in Western Australia.

Where to stay?

Nightcap at Wintersun Hotel, Bluff Point

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