The Best Christmas Cocktails… As Voted By Us

Christmas is upon us, and you’ll want to have cocktails ready when the family arrives. We’ve taken an official poll at Nightcap HQ and curated a list of the best Christmas cocktails, as voted by us. So grab your shakers and get ready to show off your Christmas cocktail skills.


‘Tis the season… for Champagne! We just love the sound of a Champagne bottle popping, so no wonder it’s made it to the top of our list. Don’t worry, we love all bubbles here at Nightcap Hotels, so sparkling wine and prosecco are welcome too.

Raspberry Fizz

Like mistletoe in a cup! Think sparkling wine, fresh raspberries, lemon juice and sugar with a mint garnish. We could just eat this one right up! Enjoy a Raspberry Fizz or two when staying at one of our beachside locations, such as Nightcap at Ocean Beach Hotel, or any of these Nightcap hotels near the beach.

Piña Colada

The perfect balance between pineapple and coconut, drinking a Piña Colada is like going on a mini holiday. If you find yourself on the Gold Coast, sit back and enjoy this tropical delight then end your night right at Mermaid Waters Hotel by Nightcap Plus.


Nothing says “summer” like a gin and tonic in the sunshine. We like Four Pillars with a cucumber garnish, but you do you. Grab a seat in the beer garden at Nightcap at the Ship Inn and sip away.


When the days are hot and the nights are… just as hot, tuck into a fresh and zesty Caprioska, made with vodka, lime, simple syrup and soda. After a few refreshing rounds, end your day at Nightcap at The Cheeky Squire.

Festive Xmas Margarita

A twist on the original, we love the deep red that comes from substituting lime juice with cranberry for a fun and festive Christmas Margarita. Go on, give it a go!


You can have a Mimosa any time, but we find the sweet and balanced combo of OJ and sparkling wine is the ideal way to start Christmas celebrations. Plus it's a tradition for some of us to start the day with one! Tuck into a Mimosa or two at Gateway Hotel by Nightcap Plus in Devonport.

Pimms Cocktail

Ahh, the classic summer cocktail. With all those garnishes, it’s basically a salad. We said it, so it must be true, right? Grab your mates and head to Ramsgate Hotel by Nightcap Social for some drinks, great food and modern accommodation to call it a night after.

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