7 Fun Things to Do in Penrith


Pack Your Bags! 7 Fun Things to Do in Penrith That You Didn't Know Existed


Penrith, Australia, began as a humble town. It posed as a satellite village of the larger town nearby, Castlereagh, and was a staging post for a road that sprawled over the Blue Mountains.

Today, however, is another story. Penrith is a hustling, bustling, adventure-filled town, housing 13,000 people in the immediate city area. Its surrounding metropolitan area is home to an astounding 200,000!

Are you thinking about taking a visit to this awesome town in New South Wales? What are the best, local-approved things to do in Penrith?

Never fear—we offer all the insight you need to enjoy your stay at the fascinating, fun, Penrith. Check out these hidden gems while you're there.

1. Dine at the Naked Flame (And Don't Worry, You Can Wear Clothes)

This award-winning pizzeria warrants a visit, especially for out-of-towners. Plan to make a stop here for lunch or dinner to see what all the (much-deserved) fuss is about!

Nowhere else in Penrith can you get such mouth-watering, Italian-crafted pizza. Your experience is sure to be anything but lacklustre. The staff at Naked Flame believe the dough should be the star of the pizza—not the toppings, which only work to disguise lazily-crafted dough.

If you're feeling particularly hungry, stop by on the first Wednesday of the month. That's when you can enjoy all-you-can-eat!

2. Take in the View at the Rock Lookout

Whether you're looking for a romantic experience, need to wear out the kids, or want to take in the awe-inspiring view of Penrith, this lookout deserves your time!

The view from the top is absolutely fascinating. This spot lies in the historic Mulgoa Valley, and that's just what you'll see from the top of the trail—a lush, green valley cut through with the beautiful blue water of the Nepean River.

To get here, all you need to do is walk a short, 200m track. The hike is gentle enough that the whole family can enjoy it!

3. Check Out the Scenery Along the Penrith Heritage Drive

Explore the Penrith region and its surrounding area by taking a drive on the Penrith Heritage Drive.

It spans about 50km and takes in a variety of sites, including St. Marys, Castlereagh, Emu Plains, Mulgoa, and of course, Penrith. The entire drive will offer about 27 different points of interest, making it well-worth its while!

Along the way, considering stopping at little historical gems, such as Penrith’s Old Power Station. This drive is equal parts urban and rural, allowing you to get a well-rounded view of this magical town.

4. Get Your Adrenaline Fix At Luddenham Raceway

On your marks, get set, go! 

Everyone loves a little competition, right? Buckle up and hit the track for Go Karting at Luddenham Raceway, less than 20 km from Penrith. Feel the adrenaline kick in as you zip around tight corners and overtake the other drivers. 

And if go-karting isn’t your thing, you can still get your blood pumping with a game of paintball. There are five different fields to choose from and all equipment is included. All you need to decide is which field and how long you want to play.

5. Visit the Historical Penrith Weir

History and architecture buffs must visit the historical site that is the Penrith Weir. It sits right near the Nepean River.

How does New South Wales thrive as it does? One reason is because of the importance placed on water regulation and retention structures. For this reason, the Penrith Weir is historically significant—it's a concrete, buttressed cantilever weir that's nearly a century old.

This dated structure nods at the developments made since its inception, highlighting the evolution of repair and construction techniques.

It serves its place even still, providing an aesthetically-pleasing pondage of water in the Nepean River, surrounded by trees.

6. Get Exhilarated at the Penrith Whitewater Stadium

This isn't your average stadium—we hope the word 'whitewater' eluded to that fact! This stadium focuses on one thing: water.

Have some "extreme fun" at the Penrith Whitewater Stadium, where you can enjoy canoeing and kayaking or whitewater rafting (of course)—you can even experience Swiftwater rescue training here!

This stadium is about an hour west of Syndey and sits at the heels of the Blue Mountains. The raging water flows at 14,000 litres per second, imitating the likes of a real wild river. That's probably why they chose it as the destination for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games!

7. Enjoy Your Stay at a Nightcap Hotel

One of Penrith's true greatnesses (and perhaps Australia as a whole!) is its fantastic selection of places to stay.

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There Are So Many Things to Do in Penrith: Enjoy!

Using this quick guide, you'll have a great time exploring this fun town.

Don't let accommodations mess with your itinerary! With all the amazing things to do in Penrith, your focus should be on enjoying yourself, not struggling to find a high-quality place to stay.

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