Our 5 favourite cuts of steak and where to get them

Our 5 Favourite Cuts of Steak and Where to Get Them

You know what he loves: hearty and delicious food, the perfect drink to match and the company of his favourite child(ren). If you’re not familiar with Graziers steaks, let us acquaint you:  high quality grain fed Australian beef sourced from premium grazing areas, making every piece tender, juicy and succulent. Each Nightcap Hotel with a bistro serves Graziers beef, offering you great quality steaks throughout Australia.

We’ve listed our 5 favourite cuts of steak and the best places to enjoy one this Father’s Day. Each has a Nightcap Hotel to match, so step up your Father’s Day game this year and treat him to a tasty steak dinner with a night’s accommodation (or a few nights if you’re feeling generous). You’ll definitely be in the ‘good books’ after that.

Eye Fillet

The most tender cut of beef, the Eye Fillet comes from a strip of muscle along the backbone that does very little work, offering a lean cut with a mild flavour. Our favourite place to enjoy an Eye Fillet is at the Lonestar Tavern at Mermaid Waters Hotel in Gold Coast. If the steak doesn’t bring you in, maybe the Nightcap Plus accommodation with a refreshing swimming pool might?

Rib Eye

The Rib Eye is a primal cut of beef with plenty of marbling that offers bold flavour and tenderness in a big piece of steak. Some might call it “the grand champion of steaks.” Roll up your sleeves and tuck into one of these bad boys while overlooking the Port Phillip Bay at the Grillhouse at Sandringham Hotel in VIC. Sounds divine.

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The classic Rump steak is lean, full of flavour and a traditional pub favourite. Head to Caringbah Hotel south of Sydney and tuck into a delicious Rump steak served with hearty pepper sauce, hot chips and salad. Oh, and bring Dad too, of course.


A steak lover’s favourite, the Porterhouse (or as they say in QLD, Sirloin) pairs perfectly with a glass of Butcher’s Friend Shiraz. Head to Ramsgate Hotel in Henley Beach SA and grab a succulent Porterhouse with hot potatoes, veg and your choice of sauce. Yum.

Scotch Fillet

The Scotch Fillet is one of the most popular cuts of steak in Australia. Controversial for some, but we love this with a roasted potato and crunchy slaw. Whether it’s drizzled with gravy or simply salted to perfection, Riverside Hotel is the best place in Launceston for Dad to enjoy a Scotch Fillet, red wine and a chin wag.  

So, What’ll it be?

If that didn’t make your mouth water, we don’t know what will. Make a booking today for Father’s Day at one of the many Nightcap Hotels locations with a bistro. He’ll be even more delighted with a stay at a Nightcap Hotel after dinner so he can wine, dine, and rest his eyes in a plush King Koil bed.


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