Mother’s Day at the Pub: What Our Mums Love

Mother’s Day at the Pub: What Our Mums Love

Mother’s Day at the Pub: What Our Mums Love

Let’s be honest, what Mum really loves is a night off to let her hair down and kick up her feet. And we know you’ll want to make her feel extra special this Mother’s Day. To give you some inspo (and possibly make your mouth water), we’ve pulled together a list of our Mums’ favourite meals when celebrating Mother’s Day at the pub… and a drink to match, of course!

Be sure to check out our suggestions for where to take Mum this Mother’s Day, and great value accommodation nearby so you can treat her like the legend she is.

Salmon, Barra, or Fish of the Day


Fresh fish is delicate and delicious, and our Mums simply cannot look past the salmon, barramundi or fish of the day when dining at the pub for Mother’s Day. Some of our Mums pair it with a glass of white, while others tuck into a Jack Daniels and Lemonade to wash it down. Either way, it’s a real “treat yourself” moment for Mum.

Try the Barramundi at Ship Inn in Busselton. Make a weekend out of it with the self contained units at Nightcap at Ship Inn!

Tuck into the Teriyaki Atlantic Salmon Fillet at Watermark Glenelg in Adelaide. The Nightcap accommodation at Watermark is perfect for that “little something extra” for Mum.

Chicken Schnitzel


It’s a classic dish for a classic Mum. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a schnitty with chips and salad with a cold beer to match? Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, with a wedge of lemon to add some zest. And we won’t judge you (or your Mum) for getting a side of gravy…or two.

Where to get a great schnitty: Caringbah Hotel just south of Sydney. Plus, there’s affordable accommodation by Nightcap Hotels, so Mum is set for the night. 

Seafood Pasta

Seafood Lingiuini_2_CMS.png

One of our Mums has a Mother’s Day tradition of a martini to start, followed by a Seafood Pasta. Don’t mind if we do! The beauty of this dish is the incredible flavours that come from its simplicity. You can add all the parmesan and chilli flakes you want at the end, but our Mums love it just how it comes.

Golden Beach Tavern does a mean Seafood Linguini, plus they’ve got great accommodation with a swimming pool. Mum will love it.

Steak & Red Wine


Is it just us, or does steak somehow taste a whole lot better when someone else cooks it for you? Our Mums love them all, from a fillet to porterhouse or ribeye. No matter what the cut, she’s enjoying every bite. Paired with a glass of red, and she’s set for Mother’s Day dinner.

Head to the Grillhouse at Sandringham Hotel for a steak cooked to perfection. With accommodation only a few steps from the beach, you can treat Mum to dinner and a night away. 

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