From mountains to seaside: Travel Local in Victoria

Victoria is home to some of Australia’s most diverse landscapes. From vast mountain ranges filled with lush greenery and sky scraper trees as far as the eye can see, to sweeping coastlines lined with pristine beaches playing host to families spending their weekends jumping into waves. What better place to reconnect with family, friends and nature?!

Mornington Bathing Boxes, Mount Martha VIC

Australia’s second smallest state, Victoria covers 227,600 square kilometres. This means day trips and overnight stays in Victoria accommodation are achievable, made particularly easy when you have a King Koil bed to return to each night. We’ve wrapped up this accommodation package with a nice little bow for you, so pack your bags and hit the road to enjoy your holiday in Victoria.

Nightcap at York on Lilydale, Mount Evelyn VIC

If COVID-19 has proven anything, it’s that we should never take what we have in our own backyard for granted. Hit the road to catch up with loved ones, all the while exploring the very best of Victoria. Finish each day with a stay at Nightcap Hotels, and of course, a pot and a parma from our onsite Bistro and Bar.

Sandringham Hotel VIC

Where to stay?

Nightcap at York on Lilydale, Mount Evelyn

Nightcap at the Cheeky Squire, Frankston

Nightcap at Sandringham Hotel, Sandringham

Nightcap at Glengala Hotel

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