5 Movies filmed in Frankston

5 Movies filmed in Frankston

5 Movies filmed in Frankston that will surprise you!

Beach-side suburb, Frankston (VIC) has brought a touch of Hollywood to Victoria’s Mornington in a few local and international films that we bet you didn’t know about. From post-war drama to family adventure, and even action, this suburb has been graced with its fair share of air time.

We all know that what makes a film memorable, even Oscar-winning, comes down to a mix of elements - the cast members, the director, the plot and writing, music score, it’s all part of the experience.

Just as important, is the location and film setting. Think New Zealand’s breathtaking high country for ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, Philadelphia’s Art Museum steps for ‘Rocky’, London’s Christchurch Cathedral for ‘Harry Potter’, Salzburg for ‘The Sound of Music’ - none of these films would be iconic without the right backdrop to match.

However location doesn’t always have to be blockbuster-glamourous to get the right vibe, even the most unassuming film locations make an impressive cinema experience.

Here are some films that you didn’t expect to feature Frankston:

1. Mad Max (1979)

The dystopian film featuring Mel Gibson (Mad Max), a policeman, takes viewers on an action-thrilled quest as he takes revenge on a ruthless motorcycle gang. The highway feud, set in the outskirts of an impoverished Australia, is born when the gang’s leader is killed. In retaliation, the biker gang takes down Mad Max’s police partner - which only propels the feud.

The film was completely shot in Australia, and featured Frankston. Nearby beach, Seaford was featured in key scenes for the film. Production also happened in neighbouring areas including Spotswood and Laverton in West Victoria.

2. On The Beach (1959)


This 50s film based on Neville Shute’s best-selling book of the same title, brought the old Hollywood greats Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner and Fred Astaire to Frankston. Set in 1964, the fictitious post-war film explored its aftermath which destroyed all of humanity except for Australia.

During production droves of locals, nosy onlookers and media gathered around Frankston train station which featured in the film. Frankston’s Young Street, a main hub for local activity and business, also involved a key scene with Peck and Gardener on horse and cart. Everyone wanted to get a peek of the famed movie stars who were right in their backyard!

The black and white film is said to have helped establish Australia’s film industry, as there had been minimal studio facilities available at the time, some of which had to be built during the production of this film.

Staying true to its Australian setting, other Victorian suburbs featured included St. Kilda, Berwick, and Phillip Island (Cowes).

3. Killer Elite (2011)


In this action-filled film, special elite operative, Danny, is put on a dangerous mission to rescue his mentor, Hunter who has been captured by a disgraced sheik. To complete the mission he must kill three British Special Air Service members who murdered his sons. However, secret society leader, Spike and his team of assassins are also on his tail.

This international mission sees Danny globe trot through Paris, the Middle East, London and Australia as he attempts to complete the job. The plot is based on a Ranulph Fiennes’ 1991 novel, The Feather Men, which he claims are true events that he experienced during his military years. Hollywood giants, Jason Statham (Danny), Robert DeNiro (Hunter) and Clive Owen (Spike) play the muscular operatives.

Since the film is set across the world, including Australia, it’s Frankston that steals a few of the scenes. Other Victorian suburbs such as Dandenong, Footscray and Hawthorn also make an appearance. Interestingly filming began at Docklands Studios Melbourne in May 2010 and the film’s last scene was shot on Little Collins Street in Melbourne.

4. The Quest (Frog Dreaming, 1986)

This family film follows American boy, Cody who lives in Australia with his guardian after the loss of his parents. Unexpectedly he finds himself thrust into an adventure of uncovering an Aboriginal myth that takes an interesting turn.

It stars boy actor of the time, Henry Thomas of film classic, ET. Some of the scenes were shot in Frankston’s Moorooduc Quarry Flora and Fauna Reserve, which is known for its walk trails, views and swimming holes.

5. Life’s Mapped Out (2020)

Although this film won’t be airing on the big screen, it will be staged on just as big a scale - YouTube. It is independently produced by Akal Demir, and will be released in July 2020. The plot follows Susan who goes through a life-changing accident, and the motions of overcoming it.

Here Frankston’s Moorooduc Quarry Flora and Fauna Reserve, as well as the George Pentland Botanic Gardens are spotlighted.

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