5 Hacks for a NSW Long Weekend Away on a Budget

5 Hacks for a NSW Long Weekend Away on a Budget

5 Hacks for a NSW Long Weekend Away on a Budget

As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog, it’s good for the soul to take advantage of a long weekend to get out of town for a short holiday. And if finances won’t allow that big trip you’ve always dreamed of, we’ve got some hacks for how to enjoy a long weekend away in NSW on a budget.

1. Pick Your Destination Wisely

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Find somewhere within driving distance to get away for the long weekend. You’ll save on travel costs and get the thrill of finding somewhere nearby that you can come back to time and time again. 

From Sydney, Narrabeen is less than 1 hour away and Ocean Beach is just over 1 hour away. You’ll find affordable accommodation in both areas, which means the holiday is already off to a good start with Nightcap as your Homebase.

2. Visit Free Attractions

If you’ve picked a coastal destination, one of the best free activities is a day (or more) at the beach. Headed inland to the Blue Mountains instead? No worries! There are plenty of free walking tracks and trails to wander.

Other (usually) free attractions and activities are bushwalks, picnics in the park, self-guided walking tours and local festivals/events.

And remember, don’t be afraid to ask the staff at your accommodation for local tips & tricks. People are always so happy to share their favourite spots with visitors.

 3. Eat at the Hotel

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We can’t speak for other accommodation providers, but here at Nightcap, we give you 10% off dining when you book direct. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good pub meal? Whether you’re team parma or parmi, we can all agree that nothing beats a good feed at the end of a big day exploring a new place.

4. Go to the Local Farmers Market

Maybe you go for people watching or maybe it’s the free samples. Either way, there’s something so lovely about strolling around a farmers market. Take a look at what’s being produced in the area, whether it’s crafts, fresh produce or delicious food. It feels good to support local businesses and this is the most direct way to do it.

5. Check Out Art Galleries and Museums

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By RyanMcGuire from Pixaba

It’s the ultimate free rainy day activity: wandering around a museum soaking up the history, culture, art or whatever else is on display. Sure, not all museums are free but admission is usually reasonably priced, so take a look at what’s in the area and pop in for a visit. 

If you love art, check out the local galleries. Again, it’s usually free to get in and such a nice way to connect with artists.

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